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Falcon ProFlex Advanced Rechargeable Plug Medium

Falcon ProFlex Advanced Rechargeable Plug Medium

A fantastic prostate massager from the Falcon line of man-loving pleasure tools, the Proflex surrounds your prostate and perineum in full-coverage stimulation. Shaped into a pliable 1.25 inch wide C shape, the 4 inch long insertable portion effortlessly reaches up to the prostate, and angles forward to massage this orgasm-inducing center of sexual satisfaction, The external area targets the perineum, an external gateway to the male g-spot, with a firm, contoured nub that can be positioned into just the right spot. A subtle, removeable vibe planted deep into the end of the external base sends thrills of pleasure through the perineal nub, letting you focus on the sensations occurring deep within the anal canal. Many men have testified to the incredible power of p-spot massage and stimulation, the orgasms that can result from this often-unexplored erogenous zone are said to be nothing short of mind-blowing. Material: Body-Safe, FDA Approved Silicone Length: 4.5 inch Insertable Length: 4 inch Width: 1.25 inch with a Circumference of 4.25 inch Powered By: 2 AG5 cell batteries included

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