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Choice Flow Chart

Do you want something for internal use or external use?

Do you need it to be anal-safe, or will you only be using it vaginally?

Do you want a broad shape, or something more pinpointed?

Both at once, or separately?

Do you want it to vibrate?

Would you prefer rechargeable, or electric?

Will you be using it mostly with a partner, or by yourself?

Do you need a lot of power, or not so much?

What’s more important to you: G-spot stimulation, or girth?

Want something that’ll stay put, or something you can thrust in and out?

Want it to vibrate?

Which do you prefer?

Need something small or large?

Want it to vibrate?

Do you care if it’s pretty?

Which do you care more about:

In search of something to put in your butt? Check out our other flow chart to find the right anal toy for you! (GO)

If you’re craving internal and external stimulation simultaneously, you need to hop on over to our rabbit vibes section! (See what I did there?) First popularized on Sex and the City, dual-stimulation vibrators (as they’re also known) are a favorite for people who like a lot of stimulation all at once, and don’t want to bother coordinating a dildo in one hand and a vibe in the other. The Fifty Shades Darker Oh My is a traditional rabbit toy, while the We-Vibe Nova is a modern take on a classic.

Vibrators designed for internal use can also be used externally, when and if you feel like switching things up. For example, a flat tip designed to stroke the G-spot can also feel great on a clit, or even a frenulum or perineum. Try the versatile Lelo Gigi 2 or Blush Aria Vivacious.

Lucky for you, you no longer have to be chained to an outlet if you want a big, powerful vibrator! Modern technological advancements have allowed vibrators to become smaller and more portable without skimping on vibration strength. Try the legendary Magic Wand Rechargeable or super-sleek Lelo Smart Wand.

Prefer a good old-fashioned plug-in vibe? Keep it simple with the Magic Wand Original. It’s been a globally beloved classic for decades, due to its ultra-powerful vibrations, sturdy construction, and non-threatening aesthetic. If you’ve ever seen a wand vibe in a porn flick, odds are good it was this one – it’s beloved by pros and laypeople alike!

The We-Vibe Sync is designed to be worn during intercourse, and is remotely controllable via Bluetooth for long-distance play or discreet public fun. Another We-Vibe toy, the Tango, is small enough to be able to fit into just about any partnered-sex situation. If you or your partner are apprehensive about adding a vibe to your sex life, these two are about the least obtrusive ones imaginable and thus would be great options.

Some people really love to zero in on their clit instead of vibrating the whole area. If you think you fall into that category, try a vibe with a tapered tip, like the Lelo Lily 2. You might also dig the super-direct stimulation offered by modern air-pulsating toys like the Womanizer.

Since the G-spot isn’t actually a spot but is, instead, a gland in the vaginal wall, it often needs fairly deep pressure or strong, low-frequency vibration to start feeling good. Aim some seriously rumbly vibrations at your G-spot with the We-Vibe Rave or Lelo Gigi 2. These toys aren’t kidding around!

You might prefer milder vibrations internally if your G-spot is very sensitive or you’re just not sure how you feel about vibration in that area yet. The sweet-’n’-simple VeDO Gee or Blush Aria Hue G should satisfy your craving for internal vibrations that won’t rattle your teeth.

The G-spot’s placement in the vagina is such that it’s best accessed with a deeply curved toy that can reach up behind the pubic bone and stroke that bundle of nerves without straining your wrist or hurting you. Try the Glas Double Bull or the aptly-named Tantus Curve.

There’s nothing wrong with being a “size queen” – and, luckily, there are lots of toys available to meet that particular need! Satisfy your thirst for thickness with the hulking Tantus Champion or this meaty 8" NS Novelties dildo.

Vibration feels quite a bit different from static stimulation, and it’s worth trying if you haven’t yet! Fans of anal vibes should treat themselves to the hyper-modern B-Vibe Rimming Plug or We-Vibe Ditto – both remote-controllable and sure to please.

Meet your new fave thing: anal beads! These pleasurable bloops make orgasm (and the build-up to it) even more intense. Insert them slowly, one at a time, and then, when you’re ready, you can pull them all out at once for an incredibly stimulating sensation.

For girthy vibrating anal dildos (whew, what a mouthful), it’s hard to go past Tantus. Make sure any toy you choose has a wider base than the widest part of the dildo, so it’s safe for anal use and won’t get sucked up inside you. The Buzz 1, with its big beefy head and wide base, should do you right.

Blush Novelties makes gorgeous silicone dildos that’ll fill you up nicely – and look great on your nightstand! They don’t need to vibrate to pack a major punch, sensation-wise; their shapes are made to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings inside you in highly satisfying ways. Check out, for example, the Avant Pride 1 or Avant D3.

Wanna make your butt look even cuter than it already does? Jewelled butt plugs, like those by Diogol, are just the ticket. You’ll look adorable with this inside you when you’re showing off for your partner, taking hot nudes, or just getting warmed up for anal play during sex.

Not bothered about aesthetics? A simple all-black plug like the Mood Naughty Small or Tantus Perfect Plug will work just fine. Black anal toys also have the benefit of not showing any mess as easily, which might help set your mind at ease if hygiene during anal play is a big concern of yours.

The Glas Galileo plug is deliciously girthy – and because it’s glass, you can try out some temperature play, too! Soaking an anal toy in warm (not hot) water for a few minutes before using it can make it feel better and can even make it easier to insert. The more you know…!

Even people who like intense sensations elsewhere don’t always enjoy them anally; that area is densely packed with nerve endings so too much girth or texture can get overwhelming very quickly. The large Mood Naughty 2 is long enough to hit those deep spots without alarming you with excessive thickness. As Goldilocks would say, it’s just right!